Celebrating a wedding in the East of France

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Last month I shared with you the engagement photo session of Léa & Quentin, a lovely couple from Lilles, in the North of France. Today I wanted to post some photos of their wedding that took place in Marly, a little town in the East of France, a region called Moselle. It was a magnificent wedding that I had the chance to photograph. It ended with a superb fireworks shot from the park where the party took place.

Starting at the hairdresser

The day started early in the morning at the hairdresser saloon in Thionville. The bridesmaids were there too, as well as her mom. It’s often the case during the getting-ready and it is a great opportunity to take candid emotional shots and to capture moment of complicity.

The getting-ready at the family house

I took advantage of a quiet time to photograph Léa’s dress and the wedding rings. Next, once the bride was dressed up, we took a few portraits. Then I organised a nice first-look between the bride & groom, right in front of their relatives. It was a very emotional moment !  The whole family then gathered in the living room for a brunch, before taking off to the city hall of Serémange. For the occasion they had rented a beautiful old Citroën car.

Wedding ceremonies in Serémange

Cétait la deuxième fois que je photographiais un mariage à la mairie de Serémange, et la première fois dans cette église. J’ai beaucoup apprécié l’émotion qui se dégageait de la cérémonie civile, ce n’est pas toujours le cas dans les mairies. Et à l’église nous avons eu à deux magnifiques morceaux chantés par une proche qui jouait également de la harpe superbement.

It was the second time I photographed a wedding ceremony at the Serémange city hall. I very much appreciated the emotion that went on during the civil ceremony, as it is not always the case in city halls. At the church, one of the relatives sang and play two songs on the harp. It was so stunning and beautiful that I later ask this person if she did this professionally. It turned out she is a backsinger for… the Rolling Stones ! Quite astonishing indeed.

Cocktail & Fireworsk in Marly

The cocktail and the wedding party took place in Marly, at the Domaine de la Grange aux Ormes. After taking a few photos of details (inside of the venue), I managed to drop on of my camera, a 5D MKII, which was mounted with a big 70-200 lens ! Needless to say it made a huge noise and most people noticed it ! In the end it still works as before, good gear is so important when shooting a wedding as you must always face the unexpected.

We did a few group shots and then diner started. Towards the end of the evening there was the first dance followed by a magnificent fireworks ! I knew it would happen so I had planned the shooting carefully. With the help of Fanny, my assistant, we had placed video lights with an umbrella diffuser in order to softly lit up the bride & groom during the show. A great moment !

I’m very thankful to Léa & Quentin for this beautiful wedding in Moselle.


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