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A wedding photographer and a story-teller

Welcome to my website. My name is Samuel and I’m a wedding photographer based in Luxembourg.

I consider myself a story-teller. The main reason I love to photograph weddings can be summed up in three words: “Telling your story”.

With my images I will build up a storyline, in order to recreate as closely as I can all the emotions of this very special day. This can only be achieved through candid photos and without any kitsch effects. My work is meant to be timeless so that in 20 years from now , you can live this day again with the same feeling and share it with your loved ones. Those who were there, and those who were not there, particularly future generations.

As a photographer I believe the human relationship with my clients is so important. Of course, before the wedding I meet with the couple, but I also go the extra mile by including an engagement session in my wedding package. This photo-session will allow us to know each other a bit better and you will get used to my way of shooting photographs. It is vital to get along well because I will be there on the most important day of your life !

My style of photography

If your pictures aren’t good enough, you aren’t close enough.

Robert Capa

I like this quote by Robert Capa. it sums up pretty well my vision of photography. A good photographer should of course always be on the move to find the best position and capture important moments. However, I believe that he also meant the emotional closeness, not just physical. And that’s what matters to me the most: being able to recreate the emotion of your wedding through my pictures.

To achieve this, I have developed a documentary style, helping me to keep distances from the more traditional wedding photography, which looks way too fabricated and artificial in my opinion. I only work with prime lenses (24mm & 50mm) which forces me to get close to the action and my subjects. I’m always on the go for capturing moments such as a tear, a laugh or a hug.

An image is worth a thousand words. That’s why I invite you to check out my portfolio and the blog where you will find examples of past wedding reportages !

Beautiful wedding at Le Clos de Lorraine
800 533 photographe luxembourg

As a wedding photographer, it is always a pleasure to capture the magic and beauty of a couple’s special day. Recently, I had the honor of photographing a wedding that took place at Le Clos de Lorraine, a stunning wedding venue nestled in the heart of the French countryside. The couple, a French bride and…

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happy asian wedding couple
Asian wedding in Luxembourg
800 533 photographe luxembourg

I recentely had the opportunity to shoot my first Asian wedding. The bride is from Hong Kong and the groom is from VietNam but the wedding took place in Luxembourg.  Throughout the day I’ve witnessed very interesting Asian ceremony rituals. It was a very colourful wedding to say the least – the bride had 4 different dresses !   Chinese tea ceremony The day started with a traditional Chinese tea ceremony. This is basically a formal introductions of the…

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bride and groom lighting up paper lantern
Wedding Photographer Nantes
800 533 photographe luxembourg

The wedding of Marie & Paul near Nantes was fun, full of joy and emotions, the kind of wedding I love because it’s such a playground for capturing moments. Their symbolic ceremony held in a garden was so real, they had everyone crying ! If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Nantes, please…

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fearless wedding photographer in luxembourg and france International Award Winning Wedding Photographer - WPJAWPS - wedding photographer inspirationphotographer recommended by zankyou

fearless wedding photographer in luxembourg and france International Award Winning Wedding Photographer - WPJAWPS - wedding photographer inspirationphotographer recommended by zankyou