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Engagement sessions

Why shoot an engagement session ?

The engagement session is included in my wedding package. To me this is just common sense. I wouldn’t shoot a wedding if I have not done the engagement session with the couple. Why do I think this is so important ?

Usually brides contact me to arrange a meeting and to discuss what I can do as a photographer. If the couple is happy, they sign a contract with me and then we’ll see each other again on their wedding day, which may not be before another six months ! To me it feels strange because I have to start shooting people right away even though I haven’t seen them for a while, and with whom I have only been through a boring administrative task (signing the contract). Moreover, during the portrait session, there may be some uneasiness due to the lack of complicity.

Benefits of the engagement session

Hence, the engagement session makes a lot of sense. First it is a good opportunity to spend time with you  before the wedding day. It is a fun moment and you will get accustomed to being photographed by me. Ultimately, you will be a lot more at ease with me on the wedding day.

Regarding the location, the session usually takes place in Luxembourg. Nevertheless, it is of course possible to do it elsewhere, even abroad. Get in touch with me if you have a project in mind  !

The location is indeed important. It could be the place where you met each other, or any other places that remind you of some special memories. If you have no preferences, I have tons of  great spots to suggest !