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Asian wedding in Luxembourg

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I recentely had the opportunity to shoot my first Asian wedding. The bride is from Hong Kong and the groom is from VietNam but the wedding took place in Luxembourg.  Throughout the day I’ve witnessed very interesting Asian ceremony rituals. It was a very colourful wedding to say the least – the bride had 4 different dresses !


Chinese tea ceremony

The day started with a traditional Chinese tea ceremony. This is basically a formal introductions of the bride and groom. Then the bride and groom show respect to their respective families by hosting tea ceremonies.

The bride and groom had to kneel next to each other in front of their parents. The positionning is very important with the bride on the left and the groom on the right.

Then the couple had to serve tea to their relatives in an orderly fashion, which shows how they respect their seniority (parents first, then the grandparents, uncles and aunts, etc…)

Once the tea is served and drank, gifts are then presented to the bride and groom.

Church ceremony

The religious ceremony was held in Kayl in a beautiful church. I particularly appreciated the songs sung in Vietanmese, very beautiful !

Wedding party at the Moulin d’Altweis

The cocktail was a good time to take some wedding portraits before starting the party at the beautiful Moulin d’Altweis. I like this place although it was only my second wedding there. Next year I’ll have a big one with symbolic ceremony in the parc, that should be awesome !

The party was crazy, with many guests making a toast all the time ! The bride and groom being very much into dancing, they’ve made the show with a dancing battle.


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