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The wedding of Marie & Paul near Nantes was fun, full of joy and emotions, the kind of wedding I love because it’s such a playground for capturing moments. Their symbolic ceremony held in a garden was so real, they had everyone crying !

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Getting ready in Nantes

The day started at their home where they got ready for the big day. As it is often the case, they had family staying over so that gave me an opportunity to capture some nice moments with their closest relatives.

Marie was unbelievably relaxed ! She’s the most laid back bride I’ve ever seen, joking and making funny faces all the time. With her yellow shoes and ear rings, she definitely stood out !

Civil ceremony in Vertou

The wedding civil ceremony took place at the city hall of Vertou, not far from Nantes. The funny thing is Paul entered the room after Marie; it’s usually the other way around, but that didn’t bother them at all 🙂

Beautiful symbolic ceremony

Next, we headed to the Domaine Coeur de Loire, a few miles from Nantes. It is located in the middle of vineyards and it is a perfect location for celebrating a wedding.

The symbolic ceremony started with someone playing the violin. She was very brave to play because she had broken her wrist a few weeks before and didn’t get a chance to practice much. It sounded beautiful nevertheless.

Paul & Marie did not ask anyone to give speeches. Instead they did all the talking. They were so true about themselves, giving details about how they met, about how they almost broke out, how they managed to stick together and why they were getting married. They had everyone crying, including me !

Wedding Party at Domaine de Coeur de Loire

The rest of the wedding was all about simplicity. Paul gave a live gig with his band, some of Marie’s friends did a clown show, and they was also a nice wine tasting session.

In the evening everybody came out of the diner room to fire up some paper lantern in the sky. It’s was truly a highlight of the wedding.

One last thing: they had the same DJ who animated my wedding party 11 years ago 🙂 Small world.


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