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Wedding at the Château des Sept Fontaines in Luxembourg

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A few weeks ago Sharon & Luca trusted me to be their wedding photographer in Luxembourg. The ceremony took place at the Alzingen church near Hesperange and it was followed by a reception in one of the major place of the city: the Château des Sept Fontaines, the old castle of the Villeroy-et-Bosh family. Let’s start with the photos !

Getting ready in Bettembourg

I started the day at noon with the getting ready in Bettembourg. A quick shot of the groom and a few close-up shots of details such as cufflinks, then I moved on the bride’s house. Her hair were done already and I arrived in the middle of the make-up session. I shot a few moments and a macro shot of the wedding rings.

To put on the dress, Sharon was helped by her mom and bridemaid. The room wasn’t great to photographe the dress but I managed to find an original angle with the help of the wardrobe’s mirror.

Finally, I took a beautiful portrait of the bride sitting in her coach. I used my beauty dish to create a nice dim light. It was then time to rush to the Hesperange parc for a first-look and the bridal portraits.

First-look and bridal portraits in Heperange parc

They wanted to shoot their portraits in the Hesperange parc. I know it pretty well since I often go there with my kids. That said, I don’t think the parc is really suited to my style of photography, let alone at 2PM in bright sunshine, not the best time ! But as a well-organised photographer, I had brought my off-camera lighting gear and a softbox to make my photos more interesting.

The newlyweds had rented a magnificent black Ford Mustang, so we took a few shots with the car before heading to the Alzingen church.

A religious ceremony at the Alzingen church

I live very close to this small church and yet I had never walked inside before ! Most of the time it is locked though….

Having said that, it is a charming bright church, which helped me a lot for taking photos of the religious ceremony. Funnily last year I had photographed a ceremony celebrated by that same priest, but in another place 🙂

After the ceremony, we hit the road towards the Château  des Sept Fontaines in Rollingergrund.

Cocktail and wedding party at the Château des Sept Fontaines

The château des Sept Fontaines is the old castle of the Villeroy-et-Bosh family. It is beautifully preserved and well-suited to organising all kind of events, especially weddings.

During the cocktail, we took a lot of group shots with the guests. I also took some formals inside the castle to take advantage of the beautiful wallpaper.

Then I shot the tables for decoration details using a off-camera blued-gel flash in order to create some atmosphere.

The diner was then punctuated with moving speeches and by a fire lightshow in the castle courtyard. I was not allowed to use any sort of light source, including leds, so it was not that easy to shoot, even at ISO 6400. The show ended with Sharon & Luca lighting a huge heart with their torches !



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