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Wedding in Luxembourg at La Boqueria restaurant

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It’s a tad difficult to keep the blog up-to-date these days with so many weddings to shoot ! Nevertheless, I wanted to share with you the wedding of Alexandra & Viki that took place last May at the restaurant La Boqueria in Kirchberg. Viki is a Spanish BMX Flatland world champion, and therefore the wedding saw a gathering of many athletes from around the world.

Getting ready at the Meliá hotel and then Limpersberg

I started the day in the early afternoon with the getting ready of the bride at the Meliá hotel, in Kirchberg. The rooms are quite stylish with a modern touch, which was appropriate for this kind of shooting. We ended the getting ready with a few portraits of the bride.

Normally I should have photographed the groom getting ready, but unfortunately the bride’s getting ready took too long and there was no time left for that. I cannot recommend you enough to leave enough time for your getting ready because there are always unexpected things happening that will put you late. Here difficult eyelashes was the reason for the delay !

So I arrived to the bride&groom’s house in Limpersberg just in time for a group shot of the groom & his friends. Then he drove an old Volvo with his mom to the church.

A religious ceremony at the beautiful Saint-Joseph church

The religious ceremony took place at the Saint-Joseph church in Limpersberg, in three languages: English, Spanish & Luxembourgish, very multicultural ! It was my first time in this beautiful building and it took me some time to find my way up to the first floor. But I finally managed to take a great photo from above !

Cocktail & wedding party at the Boqueria restaurant

I had the honour to shoot the first wedding ever in this new restaurant. The Boqueria in Kirchberg opened last winter. It’s a Spanish restaurant of course and I can only recommend it for its delicious tapas !

The party started with a gypsy guitar player. Then a saxophonist led the bride&groom to their table in order to launch the diner. After that, everything went crazy: there was a show by Japanese bikers, foolish dancing, speeches, more shows and a very emotional speech by the groom when the wedding cake arrived. A great night, to say the least !


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