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Wedding at the Altwies windmill

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Today I’m happy to introduce you with Sonia & Tony’s wedding. This very friendly Luxembourgish couple trusted me to be their photographer and to capture all the beautiful moments of their special day. The shooting went from the getting ready until the end of the diner that was held at the beautiful Altwies windmill. And now, the photos !


The getting ready

I’ve started documenting the day during the middle of the getting ready, at the bride&groom’s  home. A few classic shots of the dress and wedding rings. But also some very nice moments like this watch repair with a hammer ! Also some funny and tender moments with their young son.

Bride&Groom portraits at the Mondorf-les-bains garden

We then drove to the beautiful Mondorf-les-bains garden where we shot an emotional first-look under the warm sunshine. We then shot a few traditional portraits.

The civil ceremony at the Rumelange cityhall

As always, the cityhall was really not good looking and the light inside was awful. Black&White shots were the way to go ! That was my first time in this cityhall on the Moselle banks.

The cocktail and the party at the Altwies windmill

What a nice place that is ! I was blown away by how beautiful it is. Very rustic but authentic and well-preserved. The Altwies windmill is one of the best place I’ve seen in Luxembourg for organising a wedding party/diner.

There were joys, laughs, tears, all the ingredients for a successful wedding night. Group shots were fun and the guests were all nice to me. It’s actually very enjoyable when I feel welcome amongst guests. Photos look even more naturals.

Thanks again to Sonia & Tony for their trust and wish them the very best !

In just a few days I will attend the Salon du Mariage (Bride Show) in Luxembourg for the first time. Maybe I’ll see you there, I can’t wait for it !


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