Shooting a Cape Verdean Wedding

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I recently was lucky enough to shoot the wedding of a friendly Cape Verdean couple. A large part of their family had made the trip to Luxembourg and it was a wedding rich in emotions. Let’s do a little recap.

The bride getting ready

It took me less than 2 minutes to get a shot of the bride breaking into tears: that’s one hard-to-beat record ! Once the emotional strain had passed, she started her make-up session in a small bedroom on the 3rd floor. The “Bride Squad” also got ready in the same room, which did not leave me a lot of space for documenting what was going on. Let alone all the relatives walking into the room to give the bride a hug ! Fortunately I know how to elbow my way 🙂
The couple has a little boy and it was important for me to include him in my reportage. Not just for some formals, but also as a main actor of the wedding day.

The light in the room came from a small window, in front of which the bride sat. I took advantage of this in order to shoot some silhouettes.

Then the bride got dressed with her boy in a bigger bedroom and the complicity between them was great to capture.

Wedding ceremony at the Saint Joseph church in Esch-sur-Alzette

Superb ceremony with gospel choirs and running children all over the place ! It’s always a real pleasure to shoot weddings in this magnificent church, definitely one of the most beautiful churches in Luxembourg.

Cape Verdian Party & Dancing

The bride & groom entered the venue along with their bestmen and bridemaids, only to dance like crazy to the sound of Cape Verdian music. I keep a great memory of this moment.
The food was prepared by the family: delicious specialities from Cape Verde & Portugal. Once again I felt very much welcome by guests and family during the entire wedding and I’m very grateful to them.



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