Pre-wedding photos in Luxembourg train station

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This is a pre-wedding photo session that I held with Ségolène & Luca at Fonds-de-Gras, a nice and atypical little train station in Luxembourg. It’s located near Esch-sur-Alzette. Here’s a selection of the photos.

Fonds-de-Gras train station

I did not know this place until Sonia, a bride whose wedding I shot last year, told me about it. She visited the train station last autumn with her family and sent me a bunch of photos, mentioning that would be a great location for shooting engagement or pre-wedding sessions. I cannot thank her enough because it is indeed a very special, timeless place with its XIX century trains.

Travel theme for this pre-wedding shooting

For my first pre-wedding session of 2017, I therefore suggested to Ségolène & Luca to meet at the Fonds-de-Gras. They thought it was a great idea and they played the game by bringing accessories along such as an old suitcase.

The only drawback of doing the photos in winter is that the train station is actually closed and trains don’t run ! In fact most of them are locked away in warehouses. Only a few wagons were still on the rails. Nevertheless it was sufficient for our purpose. Under the sun and in good mood, despite breaking one of my lenses (easily repaired though), we had a great time shooting their pre-wedding.

The photos we took on the wagon were very fun to make. The old suitcase really adds up. And the couple had brought Champagne along so the thrill was complete !

Next time though, I would love to come back during the winter in order to take photos inside the wagons. So if you are interested in a pre-wedding photo session on board a XIX century train, give me a shout !

Again a big thank you to Sonia for letting me know about this amazing place !


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