The engagement session of a lovely couple

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M&S will get married next July in Bettembourg, South of Luxembourg. They trusted me to be their wedding photographer. In order to better prepare this important day, and also to get to know each other better and relieve them from any stress they may have, we met for an engagement session.

An engagement session in Kirchberg

In the end, they were very much at ease in front of the camera ! Quite on the contrary they were very spontaneous and they prove to be very fun to work with. We spent a great time walking around the Trois Glands parc in Kirchberg, the Th├╝ngen castle and the Philharmonie (opera of Luxembourg). Despite the grey and dull weather of the last few days, we managed to pull out some great shots ! The umbrella was left unused – although I would have loved some rain to add drama to the photos ­čÖé

The importance of an engagement photo session

I cannot stress out how important the engagement session is. Many photographers won’t bother including it in their package. It is indeed time-consuming: I am going to spend an extra two hours with the couple, I will spend a few hours post-processing the photos and an extra hour to upload them online to make them available to my clients. Yet, after the engagement session, I will know the couple much better, and on the wedding day, there will be no apprehension from either side. The bride and groom photo session will therefore run without a hitch.

So when you book your wedding photographer make sure that it includes an engagement session. If not, and the photographer even refuses it as an extra, then just walk away because this is not going to put you on the right track to having good-looking wedding photographs.


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